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Tournament Rules

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2hr time limit no drop dead, inning is allowed to finish/start even if there is a 2min left on the clock

Bracket play doesn't have time limit, but all consolation games/bracket games do

Unless specified we are always at 2hr


Run rules are 15 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5

Pool games can end in a tie


In the case of weather, complete games are considered 4.5 innings/1hr 10min 

Weather delays eat into game time BUT they must actually be playing an hour and 10min in order for it to be complete

WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL CALL GAMES, umpires cannot call a game 


This weekend only 14u is allowed to have -5, next weekend for 15u only -3 is allowed across the board 

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